Our award winning Managed Security Service offering provides a fully managed, 24 x7x365 cyber security capability

Comply & Secure is aimed at organisations looking to enhance and mature their security posture

Our cyber security capability is handled through our SOC and is able to support various government classifications up to and including OFFICIAL (Sensitive) (IL2, IL3, IL4). Escalation of incidents, forensic investigation of irregular network activity and emergency response to events impacting business operations are all covered by this service.

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Our Managed Security Service includes the following:

Protective monitoring (GPG13) icon

Protective monitoring (GPG13)

Protective Monitoring also known as Good Practice Guide 13 will provide you with visibility and an understanding of who is accessing your organisations sensitive data. The implementation of a protective monitoring solution is highly recommended in a number of regulatory and industry best practices

Implementation of Good Practice Guide 13 is strongly recommended for all HMG ICT Systems, and is essentially compulsory for those systems that store high impact level data. COMPLY & SECURE is a PSN Compliant Managed Security Service. We understand the challenge of capturing, analyzing, alerting upon and storing thousands or millions of logs in line with compliance. We have therefore designed a very comprehensive log management, log analysis and event management service to help with these challenges

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SIEM/Event Correlation

When an incident occurs, we are able to provide immediate visibility into who, what, when, where, and how the attack has happened

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Threat Management

Advanced Threat and Malware Detection including the detection of known and unknown malware, web based attack detection and Open Threat Exchange

Intrusion Detection Systems – NIDS will identify the latest attacks, malware infections, policy violations, system compromise and other exposures and HIDS will monitor client servers and applications for malicious activity and other unauthorised use of host resources

Vulnerability Management icon

Vulnerability Management

By running regular vulnerability scans, an organisation can get a holistic view of their potential weaknesses. Scheduled scans will test the assets and the reports created can be used to provide early identification of vulnerabilities. Remediation plans can then be updated regularly to ensure our customers can react quickly and appropriately, close security gaps and help defend against attacks and data compromise

Behavioural Analysis icon

Behavioural Analysis

Behavioural monitoring for networks and systems is crucial for identifying unknown threats. It is also very useful in spotting suspicious behaviour and any policy violations. We can combine network behavioural analysis and service availability monitoring, therefore providing a complete picture of system, service and network irregularity

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Asset Discovery

The asset discovery module uses in built active network scanning, passive network monitoring, asset inventory and host-based software inventory components. These are used to provide visibility to the assets on customer’s networks to discover what devices are on the network, what the users are doing, what vulnerabilities exist, are there active threats in the network and are there any known attackers trying to get into the network

Threat Intelligence icon

Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence includes detailed information about specific threats to help an organisation protect itself from the types of attacks that could do them the most harm. The main purpose of threat intelligence is to help organisations understand the risks of the most established and severe external threats, such as zero-day threats, advanced persistent threats (APTs) and exploits

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Quarterly management review and assistance

Every client will have a dedicated commercial contact who will be responsible for making sure the service runs as smoothly as possible. As part of this, a quarterly management review will take place on site at your offices

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Client Portal and Dashboard

Clients will have access to a set of menus which include a Dashboard, Analysis and Reporting sections. The dashboard includes populated graphs with information including Top 10 events by product type, high risk alarms, unresolved alarms vs opened tickets as well as many more

Three reasons why companies should consider a Managed Service

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Delivering speed on value

An in-house SOC (Security Operations Centre) can be time consuming and extremely expensive. Speed to value is just one of the reasons why more and more companies of all sizes are looking at managed services

Trusted cyber intelligence

Most companies don’t have the resources or infrastructure to stay ahead of attackers. A managed security service can put data in context for your business, with a 24/7/365 focus.

Continuous compliance

Achieving compliance against various standards can be a hard and complex task. Managed service providers offer a continuous compliance service and can also offer best practice advice

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