Trusted by over 2000 organisations, the award winning Egress platform provides email and document classification, accidental send prevention, email and file protection, secure online collaboration and audit and compliance reporting

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Egress is the only UK Government CPA Foundation Grade certified email encryption product. This means Egress is suitable for sharing OFFICIAL and OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE data under the current government classification policy.

Every organisation needs ways to protect their sensitive data in line with regulations, whilst making it simple for users to share files and documents. The Egress platform protects data throughout its lifecycle, from classifying it at the point of creation, to securely sharing via email or online collaboration and analysing data transfer for compliance purposes.

The Egress platform is designed with security at the forefront, particularly encrypting emails and files or storing documents securely online.

The Egress portfolio of products includes:

  • Egress Secure Email and File Transfer
  • Egress Threat Protection
  • Egress Secure Workspace
  • Egress Email and Document Classifier
  • Egress Secure Vault


As well as encryption and secure cloud storage other security features include:

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Auditing across the platform allows administrators to monitor how their users share and secure organisational data

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Comprehensive access management and protection against the accidental send

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Multi-factor authentication

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Bespoke role-based user management


  • A single platform for protecting data rather than managing multiple solutions
  • Prevent a data breach by encrypting personal and commercial sensitive content
  • Meet legislative and industry compliance requirements, including the EU GDPR
  • Protect data throughout its lifecycle, including classification at the point of creation
  • Secure content from Outlook, the web browser, and mobile devices via iOS and Android apps
  • Stay in control of shared information using comprehensive audit logs, message restrictions and revoking access to one or more recipients
  • Efficient, secure data sharing within existing workflows
  • Free for recipients, enhancing user uptake and promoting easy data security
  • Choice of on-premise, hosted or hybrid implementation
  • Integration with MS Office, Outlook and Windows desktop
  • Supports single sign-on via MS Active Directory using ADFS or other providers, such as SAML v2
  • Implementations are highly configurable for specific infrastructure requirements


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