As part of our ISO 27001 consultancy service, our experts will explain the workings of the standard in detail to your team and then we will evaluate the correct context for the standard in your organisation



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ISO 27001 Strategy

Organisations might consider ISO27001 for various reasons. There is increasing pressure for companies to demonstrate effective Information Assurance. This can come from partners, customers, regulators and legislative bodies. Organisations that cannot demonstrate effective Information Assurance will be excluded from tenders and may come under increasing scrutiny.

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ISO 27001 Blueprint/Gap

The objective of the gap analysis stage is to assess the security posture of the organisation against the controls and requirements of ISO27001. This will highlight where the business meets the requirements and where it doesn’t. This is a crucial phase as it will allow all parties to see how best to assign resources to the project. Once this has been established you will receive a report that details the findings of the gap analysis which prepares the initial SoA (Statement of Applicability).

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ISO 27001 Remediation

Any organisation implementing their first ISO27001 ISMS are likely to have a number of actions they need to do to achieve the desired outcome. We are here to help you in any way we can, whether its just adhoc consultancy or we can take full ownership of the remediation phase. Above all, we want to ensure the implementation of the ISMS can be maintained over time and the process runs as smoothly as possible.

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ISO 27001 Pre-Assessment Review

Some companies may benefit from using our “Pre-Audit Assessment Service”. This includes a visit from one of our consultants before the Certification Audit to highlight any specific areas of improvement. We will provide a report which details what you need to do to pass the Certification Audit. This can be a very useful exercise as it reduces the risk of failing the Audit the cost of a re-audit.

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ISO 27001 Training

We also offer ISO27001 Training. We have extensive experience in helping companies with their ISO certification and the training draws upon this practical experience in the real world.

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